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The Non-Profit Behind The

Workshop School and Workshop U

Here at Workshop Learning, we strive to empower young adults to pursue a life of security, connection, and purpose. We accomplish this by centering real-world learning, robust community, and personal growth in our students' learning experience.

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Our Flagship Program

The Workshop School

Workshop Learning partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to launch this project-based high school centered on teaching 9-12 grade students the skills they need to succeed in post-secondary life.

Our Latest Venture

Workshop U

Focused on addressing the academic and financial discrepancies found in traditional college settings, Workshop U is our post-secondary pilot pushing to empower students in a career that feels right for them.

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Meet with Us!

We realize changing education is not an overnight effort, nor is it something we can do alone. That's why our team is open and excited to meet other educators looking to make a change. Whether you're interested in learning how we do things or if you'd like to explore collaborations, please reach out!

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